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.emmy - 君達の幸せだけを祈っているから♥
Currently studying hard, reach me @EmilieYMXie
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Hi guys, I haven't been around in a long while, I'm sorry about that, babygirl_jj1 has asked me for my translation of "care", so I thought I might as well post Eternal too. Please bear in mind that these translation were done years ago, and I'm posting this quite quickly, so it isn't as thoroughly checked as my usual posts. And I would have included Murasaki but I don't have the translation on hand.

I posted a comparison of the initial performance, and then 4 years later, when it was put into the KAT-TUN album for the first time. There's a tiny but significant difference.

2005.06.19 Akanishi Jin's「care」(Initial SC performance)
2009.04.29 Akanishi Jin's「care」- Song no.# 7 on Break the records -by you & for you- album (Album Version)
Kienai kono Kizunaa~~Collapse )
Enjoy, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, if I don't get back to you soon enough, just give me a shout on Twitter. xspaarklingwine</div>
27th-Sep-2014 12:05 pm - [Mini Life Update] How to Reach Me
Hey everyone, it's been so busy here, how have you all been? I miss this community, I wish I had more time to devote to Akameology.

I pop by here once in a while (i.e. every few of months or so...), but if you want to reach me directly just message me on twitter @EmilieYMXie (I recently joined XD)

Especially if you would like to be friended and I haven't responded, or want to get in touch with me.

Missing you all,

How Have You Guys Been?
I'm so sorry for not being here for four years, I'm getting round to replying to all of your comments and adding friends. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I am graduating in 3 months and have been accepted to Columbia University's Masters for Journalism. So I'm super excited and happy and reading a lot of books in preparation.

Being busy is a poor excuse though, I'm so sorry for just up and leaving, I have not forgotten about Akame but Jin leaving, then Jin getting married and now Koki gone too, there is only so much a person can take. During these four years, just thinking about Akame has made my heart hurt, and I subsequently tried to avoid listening to their songs etc.

I won't have time to be as active as I used to be, and I am no longer as optimistic about Akame's future as I used to be, but hopefully I still have one or two posts for you guys soon including the LA Incident of 2006 Post that I promised four years ago.

Hope you guys can forgive me, and thank you to those who have translated my posts into other languages, I get comments in Russian now and again but unfortunately I don't understand them^^''.

Just want to reaffirm two beliefs of mine:
1. Akame had a past, even if they may not have a future.
2. Kame (who has always been my favourite) at the very least is gay/bisexual.

Masterpost: Akame Evidence

General announcement: All Akame evidence posts will be F-LOCKED within 5 days of posting after 2 days of posting.

This has been done in an attempt to protect any unlikely but still possible damage these posts can result against Akame, and to ensure that these evidence are by Akame fans for Akame fans.

Rules. Timeline. Posts.Collapse )
kame lips 2

Calendar: A 2010 Kame vs. Kameless Calender!
Fanart: [Making of] Akame's Sex Video

This is kind of late for a Xmas gift, sorry! I was really swamped with the analysis of the 1582 BTR performance (thanks everyone for all the positive comments btw^^!!)

Anyways, I actually finished this months ago, yet still managed to post this 2 days for 2009 ends (sigh) Story of my life (laughs).
Calendar: A 2010 Aka/Kame vs. Kameless Calender!
Anyways, preview:

Calendar and FanartCollapse )

I hope you liked my Xmas Years Present (since I'm too late for one and too early for another, I'm inventing a new holiday. Hey, it's more presents right? xDD;)
Comments = <333

Kameless Cartoons (aka. the chibis): http://steinfisch.blogbus.com/index_1.html

Historical Account/Pop Culture: Oda Nobunaga x Mori Ranmaru
Supplement for my analysis on Kamenashi Kazuya's 1582 BTR concert performance on why the song is not from a woman's POV found here: http://spaarklingwine.livejournal.com/10534.html This was originally suppose to be included in the analysis but it was too long (like everything else I do (cries)) lol.

Oda Nobunaga x Mori Ranmaru = Odamori

New!! Added Jan 5th 2009 - Awesome quote from Timon Screech xD

- As always, do not take this as the absolute truth. This is what is commonly found in historical accounts and not a time machine (otherwise... there would be videos xDDDDDDDDDDD;;)

Nobunaga and Ranmaru in History and Pop CultureCollapse )


As with my analysis, I'll keep adding as I find out more and more things.

If you haven't already, hopefully you might be interested in taking a look at Kamenashi Kazuya's 1582 performance in Kat-Tun's BTR concert and have a look at my analysis of it here
There were some major 'aww~' moments in there for me. I'd love to know your thoughts xDD;;

p.s. I want to say thank you to everyone who commented and pimped my analysis! I was so overwhelmed by the massive amount of feedback I got. Positive feedback especially. Thank you^^!! (hugs)
p.p.s. Nobunaga + Ranmaru = ... Nobumaru? Anyone? xD;; Scratch that, refer below^^
p.p.s. (thank you kame_kuchizuke1) Hey guys! I think we should call them 'Odamori' from now on! Oda + Mori xD;; it doesn't follow the usual way we making pairing names, but I want a pairing name to fangirl over! (stubborn xDD) PLUS 'Omamori' (sounds like Odamori) are japanese amulets used in Buddhism and Shintoism and 'mamori' actually means honourable protector (those who have read the analysis will understand why I'm ^_____^-ing right now xD)
pretty kazu
おはよう みんな-さん♡


Contains: Fics//Fanarts//Goodies

Akame is real~<3
Go support this couple at: bestuff.com/stuff/akame
2nd-Dec-2009 12:21 pm - [fic] Akame Lie Detector

Akame Lie Detector
Author: spaarkingwine
Pairings: Akame
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Crack. Fluff.
Disclaimer: -
Summary: After CTKT97, AT-TUN becomes overly paranoid about Kame's answers when he underwent the lie detector, and begins to conduct their own investigation.
Warnings: General nonsense.
Author's Notes: Kamenashi's 'tell' (the thing that reveals he is lying) is revealed here! Koichi koichi~~~
Lie DetectorCollapse )
Hey, I hoped you all enjoyed this^^!! Remember comments = love~~~


p.s. If my mandarin teacher ends up dead, it's cause I strangled her and all of her small-mindedness.
p.p.s. I'm so excited about Kame's new drama^^!! I love the anime/manga and I'm sure he's gonna do the best he can~~
p.p.p.s. I really want a new phone. a SHARP SH9020c (white) to be exact. Apparently it is the 'IT' phone for Asians kekeke
29th-Nov-2009 05:17 pm - [fic] Story Behind 1582

Story Behind 1582
Author: spaarklingwine
Pairings: Akame
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Historical Romance
Disclaimer: If Kamenashi Kazuya did belong to me- *dies of nosebleed*
Summary: The story that '1582' is based on.
Warnings: Slight underaged notions. Unintentional bashing of BENI and Yamapi (but very little).
Author's Notes: This is semi-fictional combined with the (believe to be) true historical accounts of the relationship between the conquerer of Japan Oda Nobunaga and his personal servant Mori Ranmaru. This is a little different to my usual crack/nonsense, but I hope you'll give it a go.

1582Collapse )
This story was based on the widely known relationship between Oda Nobunaga and Mori Ranmaru, in fact, most of what happens in the story (big moments like, Ranmaru managed to bring the specific horse to Oda without being asked etc) are believed to be historically accurate.

If '1582' is a song about Oda Nobunaga and Mori Ranmaru's sexual relationship, then why was Kame singing about it? xDD;;

I've enclosed a picture version of the background story of which I based my story on. It offers a lot of insight and even some Akame evidence. Whatever you don't understand in my story, can be found here.

To read more about it, you can go to: Here,Here,Here,Here


p.s. I'm sorry I haven't updated Shameless Truths in a while. I had finished writing the whole story, then my computer crashed and I lost everything. It's taking me a while to get everything in order, but hopefully I will find time to finish it^^
p.p.s. I've also finished making a Kame Calender for 2010. I will be posting it up soon. Call it a gift to compensate for being such a procrastinator T-T
25th-Sep-2009 09:16 pm - [fic] Shameless Truths - CH6

Shameless Truths - Chapter 6
R (for now - just to be safe)
Romance, horror (No character death where Akame are concerned!)
Unbetaed and Akame AU.
Akanishi Jin needs a pretend boyfriend to get the press off his back. Enter Kame.
Author's Notes: Akame is real^^;;
Chapter One//Chapter Two//Chapter Three//Chapter Four//Chapter Five

p.s. I think the new G-Dragon (aka blonde and cute - anyone see the MV Breathe?) is sooooo pretty~!! Wah obsessed with him^^
p.p.s. Does anyone like Hongchul? (aka. Lee Hongki and Kim Heechul??) I think they are really cute together!!
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